Catatan di Pesta Buku Antarabangsa KL

My fever is still around and my flu is getting worse and worse. The ridiculously low temperature in the PWTC halls isn’t helping much either.

Today, I met Zaki Zainol, author of Takluk Jagat 1: Bisikan Ariasha, and also Zamri Mohamad, author of many self-help books, the most recent being Rahsia Bisnes Mamak.

They took pictures of me, so to those who still haven’t seen me and don’t know what I look like, there you go!

And as if you needed another reason to go to the bookfair, Wira Bukit, helmed by A Samad Said’s son, Helmy Samad, is seeking signatures for their petition to get Pak Samad’s copyrights back from DBP.

I wish them all the best!

Also! Today is Pak Samad’s birthday! Happy birthday, Pak Samad! Incidentally, mine is just around the corner… this Saturday in fact.

No gift for me aaa? Books would be nice. Thanks!

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Kuantiti terhad dan sedang kehabisan di pasaran. Segera miliki Rahsia Bisnes Mamak hari ini sementara stok masih ada. Klik di sini


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